What NOT to do in LAS VEGAS

You can have an unforgettable time in Las Vegas, Nevada; OR, you can end up hungover, broke, and having a terrible trip. To be honest, it’s surprisingly easy to have a bad time in Las Vegas if you don’t have some tricks up your sleeve. Here’s our guide to avoiding the biggest mistakes in Las Vegas.

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The Biggest Mistakes in Las Vegas

If you ask some people what’s the worst thing someone can do in Las Vegas, some might hit you with some sarcasm. “The biggest mistake is going to Vegas in the first place.” And I get it! It’s shockingly easy to lose money, get scammed, end up with a massive hangover, get blisters on your feet, etc. The list of ways you can have a bad time goes on and on.

So why go to Vegas? Well, in Jordan’s and my experience, you just have to go into Las Vegas prepared. If you don’t want to lose hundreds of dollars gambling, set a daily limit for yourself. If you don’t want to be scammed, learn the common scams on the strip. Truthfully, there’s no need to be “on guard” once you arm yourself with these tips.

Avoid Mistakes, Get Free Stuff

In the video below, we talk about some of the most common mistakes people make on the Las Vegas strip. And don’t fret, we also share our insights on how to avoid making them so you have an enjoyable anniversary, birthday, or bachelor party. Plus, learn some of our secrets for getting complimentary rooms, free shows, free or discounted buffets, and other goodies.

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