What Two Americans LOVE and HATE about Mexico

Mexico quickly won our hearts as we traveled across the country to dozens of cities and states. After 15 months of living in Mexico, there are just some things we have a love/hate relationship with. These are some of the things we love and hate about Mexico.

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9 Things We LOVE and HATE about Mexico

We could make a whole video series about all the things about Mexico we are enamored with, but we thought it might be interesting to share some of the random things that trigger both a love and hate response.

For instance, we absolutely love the street vendors’ incredible food, but they don’t deliver, meaning no matter how lazy we feel, we gotta go hunt them down. This can sometimes be pretty dang tough because they don’t always have a set location. Another charming thing about the street vendors is that they each have a unique call or sound to alert people they are coming around the neighborhood. Each city we’ve visited has at least one especially unique vendor we remember because of their funny/catchy call. That said, they can get pretty annoying if you have to listen to it for hours on end when they don’t move.

We share about the street vendors and many more features we love and hate about Mexico in this travel vlog. Along the way, we tried to add a bit of humor and go beyond what you’re probably expecting on the list.

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