After Living in Mexico, do we Miss the United States?

After living in Mexico for 15 months, we finally made a trip back to our old stomping grounds in Phoenix, Arizona. Seeing our family, friends, and lots of familiar elements made us wonder, “Do we miss the United States?” There’s a lot we love about Mexico but traveling to Phoenix made us realize what we truly miss about the US.

You can watch the full video on YouTube here.

Living in Mexico for 15 Months

In case you aren’t familiar with my story, my boyfriend Jordan and I sold everything we owned in January 2018 to start traveling and living in Mexico. Fast forward to the current day and we’ve traveled to dozens of cities throughout the country. These days, we are living in Puerto Morelos, a small fishing village in the state of Quintana Roo.

An airplane window view of Cancun, a large tourism-based city 20 minutes away from Puerto Morelos.

During our first year or so of Mexico travel, we just didn’t have the money to fly back to Phoenix. (Once we were farther south in the country, driving back seemed like a daunting and tedious proposition.) Now, though, Jordan and I have saved up enough to buy the ~$550 per-ticket flights back to Phoenix to see family.

Reverse Culture Shock?

Honestly, I expected more culture shock coming back to my hometown, but perhaps it’s just too familiar a place for me to truly get knocked off my feet in that sense. It might also be because we got a killer flight deal to Las Vegas two months ago where we absolutely did feel the effects of reverse culture shock there.

That’s not to say nothing affected us in Phoenix. It was quite jarring to be back in a go! go! go! culture where

  • Everyone is in a hurry,
  • People cut you off constantly in traffic,
  • There actually is traffic,
  • Everything seems to take 10xs longer than you expect,
  • Life is suddenly about running errands and going to appointments, and
  • It’s hard to just “be.”

By the end of the trip, we were able to reflect on exactly what we miss about the US. Perhaps in a future video we can talk about the antithesis of this video and why we still prefer Mexico over the US.

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