You have questions, I have answers. Learn everything you need to know about this gluten-free and vegan food blog.

Sharing Every Bite (About The Blog)

What can I find on this blog?

Sharing Every Bite focuses on:
-Allergy-friendly recipes;
-How to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle;
-Tips, tricks, and advice on plant-based cooking;
-Health conditions I’ve dealt with and how to overcome them (Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Heavy Metal Toxicity).

Are ALL the recipes gluten-free and vegan?

Yes. They are also free of soy and peanuts. More recently, I stopped using sesame seeds, onion, and peas because those are new allergies.

Who is the creator of Sharing Every Bite?

Whale hello there! That’d be me, Brittany Nunley. Head on over to the “Meet Brittany” page to hear my story.

How long has Sharing Every Bite been around?

Brittany created Sharing Every Bite in 2014.

The Creator, Brittany

Who's Brittany?

Hi, that’s me! I’m a green-eyed gal who’s on a mission to live a healthy, balanced life and help others do the same. In 2014, that desire manifested as this blog, Sharing Every Bite. Now, I write recipes, share health advice, and let the puns loose as a Brand Strategist. Read more about my story on the “Meet Brittany” page.

What's the deal with your food allergies?

I know, right? A combination of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and mercury toxicity threw everything out of whack. I’m glad to live a plant-based lifestyle today, though. I’ll be gluten-free and vegan forever. Hopefully, I won’t be sensitive to peas, onions, sesame seeds, and other foods for good. (I’d like to think mercury detoxification will phase those out.)

Where do you live?

Phoenix, Arizona. Born and raised.

Who are Jordan and Laska?

Ah, yes. My trusty side kicks! Jordan is my incredibly loving and goofball of a boyfriend. Laska is our Siberian husky…always ready to steal your banana.

Recipes, Cooking, and Resources

You're vegan. Do you use honey?

Yes. Some people believe that honey isn’t considered vegan, but I don’t hold that opinion.

I'm new to cooking, do you have any easy recipes?

Absolutely! I go through each recipe step by step so that even beginners can follow along. You can also sort my recipes by Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced to accommodate your comfort level.

My Travels

How do you travel with food allergies?

Traveling with allergies requires a little more research and asking lots of questions. I try to call ahead to make sure restaurants can accommodate my allergies. If they can’t, farmers markets with fresh produce are my best friend. I also try and stay in hotels or Airbnb rentals with kitchens to give me the option to prepare my own food if needed.

Is it hard to travel with food restrictions?

Yes. But it’s 100% worth it! It takes practice to navigate new languages, food, and culture; however, that shouldn’t stop you from doing it.

Where have you traveled?

So far, I’ve been all over the US (Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, New York, and Chicago), and to Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. I hope to see more European and South American countries in the future.