Eating Plant-Based Food at a Vegan Festival in Mexico!

Did you know Guadalajara has a prominent vegan community? We didn’t…Until we attended the Vegan Festival in Mexico that is! There are actually hundreds of individuals in the city working hard to grow the presence of vegan food and products in Mexico.

The Vegan Festival in Mexico

We are so thankful that one of our YouTube followers told us about Vegan Fiesta Mexico at Jardín Americana. It was a mere 18-minute walk from our Airbnb and had free entry. Plus, all the scrumptious vegan food and drinks we could ever want to purchase.

About halfway through our time at the festival, we were delighted to happen upon Simply Vegan Bakery where they were selling some vegan AND gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The first one we bought was so moist and tasty that we had to go back for seconds. It reminded me a lot of one of my recipes actually! Egg-free and gluten-free desserts are no easy feat.

It was really cool to chat with the owner, Maria on how she creates and distributes her products throughout the city. As of right now, they don’t have a storefront, but that doesn’t stop her from delivering her allergy-friendly products all throughout Guadalajara!

We later learned that these type of events happen monthly in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Watch the Full Video Below

(Or you can see it directly on YouTube here.)

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