Meet Maddie

The Chef Behind Sharing Every Bite Hi, I’m Maddie (You might also know me as Britt). I wasn’t always a gluten-free and vegan food blogger, but some health struggles in 2012 re-routed the course of my life. They were a blessing in disguise because here I am now—the creator, chef, photographer, food stylist, and healthy … Read More

Meet Sharing Every Bite, The Gluten Free and Vegan Food Blog

Sharing Every Bite, the Gluten Free and Vegan Food Blog

Well Hello! Welcome to Sharing Every Bite At the core, I focus this gluten free and vegan food blog on original, plant-based recipes that insist healthy food can also taste delicious. (And make you feel great!) The recipes focus on using wholesome, unprocessed, allergy-friendly ingredients. (I also have allergies to onions, peas, and sesame seeds, so you … Read More